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I believe in a holistic approach to supporting emerging practitioners in the field. Everyone's journey is different. Best Self Coaching is mentorship where career, life and your introspective soul searching meet.  It can help you feel better about the choices you have made in regards to your career and how it relates to life. There is a saying "this is not who I am, this is what I do" but Sobha believes that artists reach true fulfillment and their purposeful goal when what we do is part of who we are and who we are is part of what we do.  



It is an evolution. It is hard work. It takes balance between joy and a commitment.  It takes forgiveness and positive energy to drive individuals to have a true marriage of what we love and what we feel we have to do to survive and to feel success. If any of this sounds like it might be of interest and I can help you, think about it. Feel free to email me at to inquire within.  All sessions are on a sliding fee with one free consultation. And consider this: "like" Celebrate Life on Facebook.



Best Self Coaching was in many ways a holistically transformative experience for me. It is because of these coachings with Sobha that I've had some huge, long-overdue epiphanies about practical things like business strategies and time management to more complicated things like self-worth, self-talk, authenticity, familial relationships and how I react to the energy of others.  Up until my first session I didn't know what to expect and I was terrified that seeing just how messy I was on paper would overwhelm and embarrass me, but Sobha's demeanor is gentle, encouraging, wise and empathetic yet frank and proactive, and her suggestions and task assignments helped me immensely to drop the shame around my messiness and start working toward the person I'd like to be.  I now see I have so much more control over my life than I've ever realized and I am suddenly able to approach stressful situations with a go get 'em attitude!  I feel as if I've been propelled into a new chapter of my life and I can't believe what I've accomplished in just under a month all thanks to her!  
-Jennifer DeRosa 

Just Breathe...


There's a reason that people say take a deep breath when you are feeling anxious, it calms you. 

Practice Gratitude


Think about all that you are grateful for whether personal or professional, it will help you maintain a positive outlook. 

Payment is accepted in cash or on Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal prior to a session.